One step ahead of the game.

The electrical industry will soon be undertaking major changes in terms of regulations and standards of electrical installations.

Rise Electrics is currently implementing in-house changes in order to adapt to these changes.

We will soon be conducting energy audits throughout the electrical industry, which will include the domestic, commercial and industrial areas.

Did you know?

Infrared Thermal Imaging

  • Diagnostic safety analysis
  • Increasingly insurance companies are requesting infrared thermal imagining reports
  • For the location of switchboard hot spots, preventing short circuits and fires caused by break downs – and preventing company down time
  • Maintenance schedules available


RCDs and Hard Wired Smoke Detectors

Safety switches (Residual current devices or RCD’s) provide an important defense against electric shock and injury, and are now mandatory in all new homes. A safety switch is designed to immediately switch the power off when harmful levels of electricity leak to earth. Safety switches generally operate within 10 to 50 milliseconds. New legislation also stipulates that hard wired smoke detectors must be fitted in all existing and new residential buildings. Smoke detectors are connected to the mains power supply and also have a battery backup in case of power failure.